IMIN – Dr. Torres



Dr. Ivo Torres’ research focus has played a significant role in our ability to understand physiological mechanisms in health and disease as it relates to microcirculation. By applying novel techniques and methods, he and his teams use various experimental strategies to investigate the pathophysiology of specific cardiovascular conditions and their treatment. He was one of the pioneers in the early research of vasomotion in a bat wing model. The main focus of his recent studies have been directed towards endothelial cell function, specifically on the glycocalyx structure and function in vivo. As part of the translational physiology research, his studies also focus on hemorrhagic shock, and factors that affect the local distribution of oxygen and blood flow. A key and unique component of the approach is to integrate traditional systemic physiological parameters, blood biomarkers, and microvascular variables such as;microvascular permeability, leukocyte-endothelial interactions, platelet-endothelial interactions, and local blood flow measurements in addition to in vivo glycocalyx determinations. With his extensive experience as research physiologist at the Damage Control Resuscitation Group as well as the US Army Institute of Surgical Research, Dr. Torres has held a key position in the United States Department of Defense research team.

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