Welcome to MicroCirc.net

Welcome to MicroCirc.net.

MicroCirc provides  education and insight regarding health and function of the microcirculatory system. On this website, you will find an ever-increasing collection of information including research, case studies, and articles about the stimulation, maintenance, and benefits of a healthy regulated microcirculatory system.

MicroCirc.net is currently a private site to be used by MicroCirc  associates and affiliates. This private site and its contents are for educational purposes only. This site does not directly promote the sale of any products or services.

We would desire the entire contents be available to all. However, current constraints prohibit this. Hopefully, we will soon be able to open the site to all. Until then, please feel free to review any information available.Private pages will require login credentials.

Credentials are available by request or invitation. Please complete the registration, and you will receive a reply shortly.

Thank you for visiting.

The MicroCirc staff